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Susan Lynch CBS

How Bad

Every Time I am Next To  You

Hurt By Love


Lover Boy

Susan Lynch - Renegade

Sex And Love

Once In A While

Rockets Red Glare

Trouble Maker


Susan Lynch


My friend Larry Whitman called and told me his girlfriend Susan has a record deal with Bruce Johnston (from the Beach Boys) on CBS with the legendary producer Terry Melcher (The Byrds, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Doris Day). Larry said I could have the position because he was unavailable (he was playing with "The Beat" at the time). Susan had such a great voice I couldn't say no. We recorded and lived up at Mike loves Love Foundation on the beach in Santa Barbara. I actually went to the Forum New Years Eve with the Beach Boys at their gig.



Susan Lynch and Renegade


In the late Eighties I reformed the act with Rick Bozzo on bass, Mark Droubay from Survivor on drums and Larry Whitman on guitar.

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