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Sookie Sookie

Magic Carpet Ride

The Pusher

Don't Step On

The Grass Sam

It's Never Too Late


Nick St. Nicholas - bass

Bob Simpson - vocal

Frankie Banali - drums

Ruben de Fuentes - guitar


Nick St. Nicholas - bass

Tommy Holland - vocal

Steve Riley - drums

Jeff Emery - organ

Ruben de Fuentes - guitar

When this band first came out it was a welcome relief at a time when things were a little too flowery. They had an image and sound I could relate to. The Sardonic Jon Kay clad in black leather and shades became and remains one of our legendary folk heroes. The multi talented Michael Monarch was like our Keith Richards, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Mars Bonfire the author of "Born to be wild" would come to write three exclusive songs for my band "The Hollywood Stars".

I was in Steppenwolf from 1979 trough 1980 during a period when  Jon Kay was going "solo". They were completely off the radio and out of print for sale. Our extensive and intense shows brought the band back to life and the money started rolling in. That is when our use of the name ended in litigation. During my time with the band I never laughed so hard and had the time of my life.

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