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Love Fever

Hollywood Kiss

Bay City Rollers - Arista 1977


After we finished the Hollywood Stars album at Cherokee Studios our producer Harry Maslin was doing another Clive Davis project - The Bay City Rollers and he hired me  to play on a couple of tracks on their album - "It's a Game". After the album was finished the singer of the Rollers Les Mc Keon asked me to do his upcoming solo album.


Los Diablos CBS

Hollywood Kiss


I wrote this song with my friend Stan Kaiser in 1985 and then he started collaborating with this Mexican group and the song was placed with them and was rewritten  in Spanish (I still don't know what it says to this day but I hope that it's close to the original).

I had heard Walter Yetnikoff liked this song and someone from Santana Co produced it. The following year this group received a Latin Grammy. I then called CBS about my royalties and they claimed they never heard of this album!

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